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Re: Weird video game oddities and stuff Reply 10/17/16
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Re: FF VII remake Reply 06/20/15
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    LOL! I just now noticed this.
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    Wark wark!

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    Toxa Classico2

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    You know what the problem with polygonal women is? I dated one once and my arms kept going right through her. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Hey, want to join me in getting drunk and saying mean things about Lara Croft?
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    James FP

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    Some interesting things about cheese:

    There are over 600 different kinds of cheeses in the world.

    Cheese is delicious.

    Do you like cheese?

    What is your favorite kind of cheese?

    Cheese goes good on bread or crackers.

    In conclusion, cheese is great.

    The preceding was a cheesey service announcement.

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    Bearded Fatty

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    Get in ma belly, ya wee Ragey!
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    Nucleo McRaven

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    Hello there, good chap, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Nucleo Amadeus McRaven, and I am archaeologist at the Grimmora Mage University. I am hoping to get an opinion from an outside source on this issue that is of utmost importance to me.

    You see, I have concluded after years of careful study and research that I am cute. In fact, I now believe it is quite possible that I am the sexiest man in the universe. Now, I know what you're thinking, that's quite obvious and I shouldn't even need to ask, but you friend, who is a mathematician/scientist/pilot/inventor of giant world-conquering robots, disagrees. He's conducted his own experiments and now is under the delusion that he is in fact, the sexiest man in the universe. However, it should be noted that he is not known for being the most competent in the field and he doesn't always exercise proper control over his variables.

    So, if you could be so kind, please settle this argument once and for all.

    Am I the sexiest man in the world or am I?


    Reply from Ragey0:

    Oh, crumbs. You've put me on the spot!
    See, being sexiest man on the world is a tall order. There's a lot of people in the world, and to go through each and everyone of them to determine who ranks through in order of sexiest bod is a mite difficult. I am a total sucker for the intellectual look, though, so that gets you on the way there quite easily.
    But on the other hand, I do have a fondness for your older days wherein you looked a mite more brutish, but still just as cuddly. HMMMM